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About Us

Who we are and why we do it

What We Do

What we do at Achieve More Scotland

We currently work across 30 different communities in Glasgow, utilising 40 venues on 6 evenings per week. We work with up to 1500 young people each week and have around 2000 individuals registered to take part in our activities. For example on a Friday evening we normally deliver services to over 400 young people, both male and female, aged 9-18, between the hours of 6 and 10pm.

Caring about the community

Why we do what we do

The original need for these projects was to reduce gang related violence, anti-social behaviour and crime amongst young people from different communities across the North East and West of Glasgow and to engage them in positive activities both inter and intra community. These programmes have been highly successful in supporting significant reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour in NE and NW Glasgow and in engaging young people in community life.