What we do

what we do at A&M scotland!

A&M scotland exists to help young people from the most deprived areas of Scotland.





Football is the very first method that A&M used to divert young people away from negative lifestyle choices and is still at the core of what we do. We run football teams throughout the Glasgow area, providing two hours of coaching per week followed by a competitive game in our Friday Night League.

All of the young people that attend pay nothing as we belief cost should not be a barrier to participation. We provide everything including transport to and from games, strips and coaches. For more info on our football programme then please read more.

Our dance projects cover the whole of the Glasgow area and we work with roughly 15 communities to deliver free dance sessions.

We run dance sessions throughout the week all of which are run by our experienced dance coaches. As well as putting on our own dance shows and performing at local event, we also compete at competitions throughout the country.

For more info on our dance sessions then please read more.

Communities are at the heart of what we do and we aim to develop and empower local communities as much as we can. As well as offering free sport and diversionary activities to our young people we also offer free training and youth employability courses through our Volunteer Programme.

As well as our core work we also run a number of local community events, including our Easter and Summer Camps, partnership events, our annual 'Mini-Commonwealth Games' and local fundraising events. To keep up to date with what's going on please click here. For more information on how you can support us please read more.