Why we do it!

The story behind A&M Scotland

A&M Scotland has been delivering diversionary based activities across Glasgow for the last four years. Our core programmes, including Operation Reclaim and the West End Diversionary Programme have been delivered in partnership with Glasgow City Council CPP, GHA, Community Safety Glasgow, Glasgow Life and Police Scotland. The original need for these projects was to reduce gang related violence, anti-social behaviour and crime amongst young people from different communities across the North East and West of Glasgow and to engage them in positive activities both inter and intra community. These programmes have been highly successful in supporting significant reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour in NE and NW Glasgow and in engaging young people in community life. In the two year period between July 2011 – September 2013 official police figures indicated that;


These projects have significantly improved the number of young people engaged in daily sport and physical activity and additionally it has helped to reduce the number of criminal and anti-social behaviour incidents involving young people across the summer months. Furthermore we have significantly improved the confidence, self-esteem and physical and mental health and well-being of over 1500 young people through involvement in free, fun and structured sport and physical activity.


Gangs and Violence: There are literally thousands of gangs across the country, with young people as young as 8 playing some role:

• One right wing think tank suggested that there were more gangs in Glasgow than in London which has a population 15 times the size

• Every year in Scotland 133 young men aged between 10 - 29 are killed as a result of violence

• You are twice as likely to be murdered in the West of Scotland as in London or New York

• Young men under 25 in Scotland and are more likely to be involved in risk taking activity, often causing themselves and others a great deal of pain

This information comes from the Scottish Government "Preventing Offending by Young People Framework for Action", "Delivering a Healthy Future - Action Framework for Children and Young People's Health" and the Violence Reduction Units Strategic Plan. 

girls at camp

Scotland like many other Western countries is experiencing rising levels of overweight and obesity in both adults and children. Health and Wellbeing (2011) data identifies 49% of 16-65 year olds within NHSGGC are currently overweight or obese.

The national 'Obesity Route Map' identifies the requirement to establish life long habits and skills for positive health behaviour through early life intervention as a key strand to addressing this epidemic. The health risks associated with obesity are well documented and the total economic impact of obesity within Scotland was estimated at £457 million in 2007/8. More than £175 million are direct NHS costs. (Prevent Overweight and Obesity in Scotland 2010)

In 2011 the prevelance of Scottish children who were overweight was estimated to be 22.1%. From 2001 to 2005, there has been an annual rise of 0.4% in the number of 7-15 year old children classified as very overweight.

 • The incidence of Type 1 (Insulin Dependent) Diabetes amongst young people has trebled in 30 years.     

  Scotland has one of the highest rates in the world

• As many as 10% of young people up to the age of 15 have clinically diagnosed disorders of mental health that affect theirs (and others) daily lives

• 29% of 15 year olds in Scotland are regular smokers•33% of Scottish young people are overweight or obese

• Scotland continues to have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe

• By age 15 many young people do not attend a dentist or even brush their teeth

Research also shows that self-esteem has a major effect on young people's ability to succeed both personally and academically, and as such we work to improve all our participants self confidence, their ability to take ownership of tasks, their sense of personal responsibility and their overall perception of themselves and what they can achieve.