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Football Activities

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Football Activities

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We run coaching sessions throughout the week which are run by experienced sports coaches and football professionals. Participants are taught not only about the science of sport and how the body works, but also develop confidence and learn to play as part of a team.

Our sessions are usually two hours long and are based all over Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Due to the astounding success of our coaching sessions, we also run a competitive Friday Night League. This gives our young people something to train for rather than just turning up to play for fun.

Football and Cricket Sites 2018

Last update April 2018

Acre (Summerston)Monday6-8 p.m.Acre Tenants Hall
Acre Drive
G20 0TW
AcreTuesday6-8 p.m.Acre Drive MUGA, G20 OTW10+Football
AnderstonThursday6-8 p.m.Dover St MUGA, G3 7BG10+Football
BlackhillWednesday6-8 p.m.Molendinar Community Centre MUGA, Royston Rd, Glasgow G21 2BS10+Football
CadderTuesday6-8 p.m.Multi Use Games Area (behind Skirsa St) G23 5AN10+Football
Carnwadric Wednesday6-8 p.m.Boydstone Rd, G46 8PR10+
CranhillThursday4-6 p.m.Beacon Centre, 200 Bellrock St, Glasgow G33 3HE10+Football
DennistounMonday7-9 p.m.Crownpoint Sports Centre, 183 Crownpoint Rd, Glasgow G40 2AL

(Change of location to Haghill Primary School on the 7th of September)
Drumoyne Tuesday6-8 p.m.Inverness St, G51 4HG10+Football
FirhillWednesday7-8 p.m.Firhill Sports Complex, Glasgow, G20 7HU10+Football
Govan Tuesday6-8 p.m.Harmony Row, 8 Harmony Square, G 51 3LW10+Football
Govan Monday6-8 p.m.Vicarfield St, G51 2DJ10+Football
Kingsway AWednesday 6-8 p.m.MUGA, 282 Danes Dr, G14 9AH 10+Football
Kingsway BTuesday6-8 p.m.MUGA, 282 Danes Dr, G14 9AH 10+Football
MiltonThursday6-8 p.m.The ARC MUGA, Ashgill Road, Milton, G22 7HW7+Football
MiltonWednesday6-8 p.m.The ARC MUGA, Ashgill Road, Milton, G22 7HW10+Football
PenileeThursday6-8 p.m.Penilee Community Centre, 10 Gleddoch Rd, Glasgow G52 4BD10+Football
Peterson Park YokerWednesday6-8 p.m.MUGA at Peterson Park,
5 Yoker Mill Rd, Glasgow G13 4PF
PossilparkThursday6-8 p.m.Possilpark Courtyard, 2 Westercommon Drive, Glasgow, G22 5PG10+Football
Pollok Tuesday6-8 p.m.Brockburn Rd, G53 5LB10+Football
Pollok Wednesday6-8 p.m.Househillwood Rd / Hartstone Rd, G53 6AT10+Football
Pollockshaws Monday6-8 p.m.Ashtree Rd, adjacent to the Morrison´s G43 10+Football
Priesthill Wednesday6-8 p.m.Corseford Dr, G53 6PQ10+Football
PriesthillThursday6-8 p.m.Cleeves Rd MUGA , Priesthill, G53 6NQ10+Football
Red RoadWednesday6-8 p.m.Petershill Park, Adamswell St, Springburn, G21 4DD10+Football
SpringburnWednesday6-8 p.m.Multi Use Games Area at Lenzie Terrace, Springburn, G21 3TW10+Football
SummerstonWednesday6-8 p.m.John Paul Academy, 2 Arrochar Street,
Summerston, Glasgow G23 5LY
ToryglenWednesday6-8 p.m.Holyrood Secondary School, 100 Dixon Rd, Glasgow G42 8AU10+Football


Friday 11th of October.
FixtureTime Location
Springburn V Anderston 7pmPetershill Park
Toryglen V Red Road 8pmPetershill Park
Blackhill V Kingsway B 9pmPetershill Park
Milton V Dennistoun 7pmMilton Campus
Penilee V Firhill 8pmMilton Campus
Summerston V Yoker 7pmJohn Paul Academy
kingsway A V Temple8pmJohn Paul Academy

Bus Timetable

TeamTimePickup PointDrop OffCoach
Bus A6.00pmAnderston at Dover stPetershill Ryan Thompson
Bus A6.45pmToryglen at holyrood sports centre Petershill Kamil Debski
Bus A7.30pmKingsway B at Danes drive PetershillCraig Connelly
Bus A8.10pmBlackhill at Molendinar Petershill Ryan Thompson
Bus A 8.30pmAnderston at Petershill Dover St Dylan Monaghan
Bus A9.10pmToryglen at Petershill Holyrood sports centre Declan Barr
Bus A10.10pmBlackhill at Petershill Molendinar Lee Mclellend
Bus B 6.00pmDennistoun at TSB Duke StMilton Rabin Omar
Bus B 6.45pmPenilee at Penilee Community Centre MiltonGazim Krasniqi
Bus B 7.30pmFirhill at Firhill Complex Milton Sian Francis
Bus B8.10pmDennistoun at Milton TSB Duke st Rabin Omar
Bus B 9.05pmFirhill at Milton Firhill Complex Gezim Kransniqi
Bus B 9.20pmKingsway A at John Paul Danes DrJason Milligan
Bus C 6.00pmYoker at Peterson park John Paul Dylan Monaghan
Bus C 7.00pmKingsway A at Danes dr John Paul Declan Barr
Bus C 8.10pmYoker at John Paul Peterson park Dylan Monaghan
Bus C 9.05pmPenilee at Milton Penilee community centre Ryan Thomson
Bus C 10.10pmKingsway B at Petershill Dane dr James O’Brien



8+ Age
  • Dress Code
    Sports t-shirt and bottoms
TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints
Penilee 2212284739+838
Kingsway A2311486052+1837
Red Road26111144850-234
Kingsway B229494630+1631
Anderston 2473145054-424
Temple 1952122451-2717
Cadder 53021315-29
Yoker 2 l 3 kingsway AFleet Alliance Winter League
Red road 2 l 4 springburnFleet Alliance Winter League
Milton 2 l 1 BlackhillFleet Alliance Winter League
Anderston 2l 1 SummerstonFleet Alliance Winter League
Firhill 2 l 1 TempleFleet Alliance Winter League