Bus Timetable

Pickup point 26th May 2017

TeamTimePickup PointDrop OffCoach
Bus A5.45 p.m.Anderston at Dover Street, AnderstonPetershill ParkDeclan Barr
Bus A6.15 p.m.Firhill at Firhill Complex John Paul Academy Mick Tolland
Bus A7.10 p.m.Kingsway A at Danes Drive John Paul Academy Gezim Krasniqi
Bus A 8.00 p.m.Penilee at Penilee Community CentrePetershill ParkRyan Thomson
Bus A8.30 p.m.Anderston at Petershill ParkAnderston, Dover Street Declan Barr
Bus A9.10 p.m. Kingsway B at Milton Campus Kingsway B, Danes Drive Iain Anderson
Bus B5.45 p.m.Temple at Temple Muga Milton CampusKamil Debski
Bus B6.45 p.m.Scotsoun at Heart of Scotsoun, Balmoral Road Petershill ParkArthur McMeaney
Bus B7.20 p.m.Cadder at Cadder Community Centre John Paul Academy James Mclean
Bus B7.50 p.m.Yoker at Milton CampusPetershill ParkDylan Monaghan
Bus B8.25 p.m.Firhill at John Paul Academy Firhill Complex Mick Tolland
Bus B9.00 p.m. Possilpark at Milton Campus Possilpark Courtyard Joe Haldane
Bus B9.25 p.m.Scotsoun at Petershill Park Heart of Scotsoun, Balmoral RoadArthur McMeaney
Bus B10.10 p.m.Dennistoun at PetershillDuke Street TSBRabin Omar
Bus C5.45 p.m.Yoker at Peterson ParkMilton Campus Dylan Monaghan
Bus C6.30 p.m.Kingsway B at Danes Drive Milton Campus Iain Anderson
Bus C7.00 p.m.Possilpark at Possilpark Courtyard Milton Campus Joe Haldane
Bus C7.50 p.m. Temple at Milton CampusTemple MugaKamil Debski
Bus C8.20 p.m.Dennistoun at TSB Duke StreetPetershill ParkRabin Omar
Bus C9.10 p.m.Cadder at John Paul Academy Cadder Community Centre James Mclean
Bus C10.10 p.m.Penilee at Petershill Park Penilee Community CentreRyan Thomson