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Society’s pressure to be perfect

Nowadays society’s standards are set so high for young people to be “Perfect” and not the same as everyone around them. In my opinion, our environment is now beginning to turn toxic and people are turning on the people who have the guts to be different.


In my opinion if you aren’t the same as everyone else you are set aside and castaway and in some cases, bullied. This is because people in society especially young people, find it overwhelmingly hard to be different and not follow the crowd. They want to fit in with society’s criteria of being considered “perfect” in every way. All because society doesn’t want us to attract any attention to ourselves so that’s why we all have to be the same.

The biggest thing is social media because they help launch the unreal expectations and that’s what young people see because it’s plastered over every platform of social media sometimes hiding in plain sight , it all starts with a few pop up ad’s and then they convince you that what you are, is not what you are meant to be. We are being pushed at all sides to fit in to the standards that have been created over time.

It’s as though society is trying to morph us into becoming dolls and making everyone a replica of each other’s so that everyone is deemed “perfect”, when in reality no one is “perfect”. It’s impossible for everyone to have something that needs improving, but being different, in my opinion is good because then you know what you like and when you are able to make something of yourself. People literally drive themselves insane just to fit into society.


The young people that I have spoken to have stated that they feel pressured in today’s society to live up to the standards put out in front of them. They feel like they have to abide by what social media puts out there because no one wants to be an outcast just because they are different. The young people I spoke with were mainly girls, ages 13-17 and they feel as though they are forced into having to be a certain way because society expects them to be like that , boys also have pressure put on them just not as much as girls. Boys are brought up, and being told that they have to have abs and be muscular and girls have to be stick thin with a big bum and a large chest. This perception has young people going to extreme lengths to be what society dreams as being the “perfect” person, we see younger people not just girls but also boys beginning to avoid meals and calorie counting. Some can’t take the pressure of having to look a certain way and can’t handle being an outcast and this has driven some young people to suicide.

Its 2018 and there is a huge amount of pressure still being put on young people to be the same as each other. People still can’t deal with others being different and not following the crowd. People still get targeted everyday on every platform possible. They get abuse for being who they really are and not surrendering to the pressure of today’s society on being perfect. People need to learn to accept that not everyone is the same, not everyone is controlled and influenced by society or social media. In my experience with social media every second thing you see is an ad on how we should look and how we need the things they are advertising to us to be this perfect person. When in reality all you have to be is yourself because no one will ever be society’s perfect person it’s impossible there will always be flaws. Being yourself is perfect enough and people have to accept that because this is who we are.




Amy Daly