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Mainstream media still remains the biggest problem with real representation.

Today we interview Eve, one of the participants of our activities

  • Why body image affects so many young woman/girls ?

I think that body image affects so many young girls today because from a young age we are taught to look a specific way , the ideal “look” is incredibly unrealistic however when girls realise they don’t fit into that specific category of what’s beautiful , they start to believe that they are not worth it. Media Influences today is also a big factor, girls can’t get away from the constant bombardment of “beautiful” looking woman in the media and so they feel pressured to live up to that standard of beauty which isn’t real.  

  • Opinion on body image is so predominant nowadays for young people?  

Social media , I think that body image is such a main focus for young woman today mostly because of the way social media portrays woman/ young girls. Despite the fact there is an increase in representation of females of all ages, races and sizes. Mainstream media still remains the biggest problem with real representation.

  • Why do girls feel so drawn in and under pressure about how they look?

Achievement , Young woman are constantly trying to get to that goal of “ beautiful” by creating  physical changes and eventually becomes an obsession. The idea that they will achieve this level of beauty that the media creates is what keeps them going, but they never achieve that goal. For them to feel fulfilled they should do what they think is right and be beautiful in themsel

  • How can we make it less predominant ?

For a start we can stop putting girls into categories of how beautiful they are. Girls need to be able to feel beautiful in their own skin, and not to feel compelled to compare themselves to others. Also, mainstream media must increase it’s representation of all woman and stop the unrealistic body expectations that it puts on young girls developing. Most important thing I feel is they way woman are towards each other ; the minute we start competing with physical beauty – the easier it will be for the media to do the same. Young woman should empower each other so that in turn media will also help to empower rather than pressure.   


If you are struggling with your body image and it’s affecting your mental health, please contact us. We can support you and find people who will help you to overcome those struggles.