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Men/ boys going on holiday may be when they feel the most self- conscious

During #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we also wanted to focus in the struggles that males go through when it comes to their bodies and appearance. To do so, we have interviewed Ryan, one of our staff members.

  • How body Image affects men?

I think body image can affect men as a lot of can be self-conscious and lose confidence in themselves if they don’t feel comfortable with themselves.

  • What can be done for men struggling with this?

I think they should have someone to speak to and for it and maybe to look for more support from positive people.

  • How do you think body image affcets young people who use our services?                            

I think because of we do mostly football and dance body image could be a big factor for certain young people , self-confidence  could be  maybe stop them from taking part in activities.

  • What is your opinion / experiences with body image and being male?

I have never been the type to be self-conscious but for other men/ boys maybe going on holiday may be when they feel the most self- conscious.