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Room 323 Edinburgh House 20 Princes Square East Kilbride G74 1LJ

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Dance Competition 2020

This year we decided to open our annual online dance competition to all kids and young people!

We have three categories: Tik tok dance, Choreography and Christmas theme. In the Tik Tok dance category, the judges will want to see dances with lots of effort, fun ideas and enthusiasm. You can submit only one video.

On the Choreography category our judges are looking for high quality performances and creativity that can blow the audience away. Each video can be up to 2 minutes.

And finally for the Christmas theme category, we hope that you involve friends and family of all ages to take part and have fun adding a Christmas touch! This category will also accept videos up to 2 min and you can only submit one.

For each category we will have a winner selected by the audience and a winner selected by a group of judges. We will start sharing the videos in our Facebook and Twitter accounts starting on the 1st of December. The audience winner is selected based on the amount of comments, shares and likes that the video posted on our social media has had. All 3 categories will have an under 10s and over 10s prize winners this means that, overall, there will be 24 winners!

As soon as your video is filmed, you can share it in your own social media with the hashtag #AMDANCING to get more attention and improve your chances of winning.

We have fantastic prizes for all of you: gift vouchers, Nike products, family meals, activity and IPads!

The winners will be announced on Christmas Eve!

How to participate?

Send us an email to [email protected] with your video and this form before the 6th December 2020:

We can provide this consent form in other formats if that would be required. Let us know if you need help with this aspect using the [email protected] email

We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we can. Please, be patient, we can only answer emails during the working week, but we will get back to you.


  • At least one of the participants must be age 5 – 18.
  • You must provide a fully filled form with the appropiate consent from an adult to release the video on social media.
  • This form must contain your details with an specification of what category you would like your video to be considered for.
  • The prize will go to the person who submits the video. If several participants appear in the video, they will have to take the decision of how to split the prize or each of them send a different video to have the same opportunities of winning.
  • Your video cannot have explicit content, swearing or content that can be considered damaging or discriminatory to someone else or a community.
  • Your video must be the appropiate lengh: 30sec-1min for the TIK TOK category and 2 minutes for the Choreography and the Christmas Theme categories.
  • You can film the video with friends and family but we will need a consent form signed by a responsible adult for each of the under age persons that appear in the video.
  • Each participant can submit one video per category which means that one participant can have up to 3 videos in the competition.
  • Videos can be recorded in portrait and landscape mode.
  • If you would like your video to not be shared online, you will only have the option to participate for the judges pick. If this is the case, please let us know and espeficy it in the Consent Form.
  • Most of all: HAVE FUN!

We would like to encourage all participants to abide to the current COVID rules established in your area. If you decide to film your video in an indoors setting that isn’t your house, please wear a face covering and keep your distance when required. For any other restrictions, you can check https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/