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2020 comes to an end…

This year has been a tough one all round. For children and young people living under the pandemic has meant a lack of routine, increased social isolation, cyberbullying and higher rates of mental health struggles to name but a few.

At the beginning of lockdown we adapted our services in response to those in need of support. In April our food parcel delivery to the community was launched and it’s provided an essential support to families across Glasgow who were going through uncertain times.

Thanks to our relationship with Schools we were able to deliver outdoor activity sessions to children and young people and even a safe Summer Camp that allowed the kids to have a safe space to come during the day, receive breakfast and lunch, play games and have fun. Our relationship with schools across Glasgow and North Lanarkshire has been key and we are grateful that they see the importance of physical activity for the mental and physical well-being of children.

With the help of a wide range of supporters we have been able to reduce isolation, improve wellbeing, facilitate daily activities and increase resilience through our adapted activities. We have also been able to start delivering some evening activities and we are hoping to bring back our dance and football coaching soon into 2021. We know the positive impact that our activities have which is why we have kept a close communication with local authorities to ensure they know the importance of bringing back physical activity for children and young people.

We end the year on a positive note, the excitement of Christmas! The response to our outdoor Christmas parties has been fantastic and we have been overwhelmed by the supportive messages that families, carers and teachers have sent us. These events have seen us distribute 2500 selection boxes, 350 pairs of Nike training shoes, 200 x £25 food vouchers, 200+ STEM goody bags, 250 toys, 20 x £25 gift vouchers for young people, 20 bobble hats and this has all been possible thanks to support from CashBack for Communities and the donations of the Manorview Group, Malin Group, Glasgow the Caring City and the Herald Times Group. 

Throughout the year we’ve had amazing support to ensure that we continued to connect with communities, families, young people and children. 2021 will bring its own challenges but we have a commitment to continue working with those who need us most, to ensure that our kids and young people can access the opportunities they deserve and deliver diversionary activities that can improve their lives.

This year, whilst challenging, has shown the best in so many people. We have developed new relationships, and enhanced existing partnerships and we would like to thank all of our partners, supporters and donors for making it possible to support so many people during these challenging times.