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Mental Health Awareness Week

This week, Achieve More has joined charities and other public bodies across the country in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week. A campaign to raise awareness and promote positive changes to improve everyone’s mental health. Furthermore, the theme of the campaign is a common effort to reconnect with nature and sport. Thanks to our work, we have witnessed the impact in one person’s life of regular physical activity and the key role that it can play on early development.

This campaign has challenged us to go outside and stay active for 30 minutes. You can go for a walk, a run, you can do skipping or playing active games. Whatever your choice, try to make sure to reconnect with your environment and make the best of the spaces available around you.

In case you have missed it, we have decided to collect here some of the resources and tips that we have shared over the week as well as one of our coaches’ experience. Please, take a look.

Connecting with nature in your local park

Spending time walking or exercising outdoor has greatly benefited me. I started to go out walking in the fresh air winding down after a stressful day which helped me relax and switch off from normal life. I feel there are so many benefits from this for me, my mental health as well as physically, it keeps me in a positive mindset.

The outdoor activities we do as an organisation is imperative in my opinion as it allows kids to stay active playing sports and games and which then also allows them to socialise with their fellow peers and build friendship.