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Collaborative Hub

Collab Hub is not currently taking bookings due to COVID-19

What is the collaborative hub

The collaborative hub is a youth led social project that received funding by Firstport in 2018 as part of the Social Innovator Award. The project originated from Achieve More Scotland’s Employability programme which provided young people, ages 16-25, with the opportunity to engage with employers and employability agencies through work placements, job shadowing and apprenticeships.

On successfully completing the employability programme, a group of young people from across Glasgow’s communities are being supported to lead the Collaborative hub. The Collaborative hub has developed an innovative and collaborative programme that looks at young people, employability agencies and employers as equal players who can learn from one another to support the development of a fairer, equal and innovative workforce in Glasgow.

The Collaborative hub is ‘new take’ on increasing youth employment within deprived communities by enhancing tri-sector collaboration and fostering dialogue and networks between young people, key institutions and employers. Its aim is to develop new paths for youth employment with a range of dynamic and innovate partners. The Collaborative hub is led by young people, to be used by everyone.

How does it work

The Collaborative hub uses technology to support learning and development. The Collaborative hub has the capacity to work with groups of if up to 30 people and a minimum of 4. The hub works by having access to young people who are ready for work and eager to develop their skills along with the hub’s network of stakeholders whom come together to collaborate and create new and exciting ideas within the employability world that benefit many in society.

The Collaborative hub can be booked to do the following:

  • Facilitate application and job interview days, e.g. Employment agencies and Employers who have jobs and employment opportunities available are given access to young people who use the Collaborative hub to support their recruitment strategies
  • Facilitate employability sessions with Glasgow City employers within the hub’s network, e.g. Interview skills, CV writing, presentation skills, basic Microsoft word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Facilitate developmental sessions within young people and other youth organisations, e.g. learn how to budget, how to deal with stress, how to improve your confidence, coping with your mental health
  • Round table sessions with employers and young people from across the city to discuss best practice and making lasting connections.

The collaborative uses technology to support these sessions to increase the skills of young people, currently the hub uses Ipads to support learning and development. These Ipads are also used for a mobile service for enabling others to utilise the access to technology. This also ensures there are no barriers for reaching young people in the communities the collaborative hub aims to serve.

Benefits of the using the Collaborative Hub

The Collaborative hub is beneficial to the following, but not exclusive to:

If you are a young person

  • Gain experience in coordinating a social project with other like-minded young people.
  • Access support for your general wellbeing and mental health and find out about other organisations that can support you;
  • Gain experience in leadership, teamwork and problem solving.
  • Participate in a youth board that offers ongoing personal support
  • Contribute to a social project by volunteering and increasing your volunteering hours for causes you care about
  • Gain experience in using technology which can support your employability skills
  • Have access to employability and welfare support in an environment comfortable to you and access information about employment opportunities directly from employers and employability agencies

If you are an employer:

  • Support your recruitment and social mobility strategies for accessing ready to work young people whom face barriers in entering direct employability pathways;
  • Direct promotion of modern apprentice spaces and employment opportunities;
  • Access young people and to deliver trainings to young people that support your community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies;
  • Access to young people to gain valuable insight into what young people want from future employers/workplaces to support your future business activity

If you are an employability agency or a statutory provider

  • Gain direct access to a pool of young people to increase consultation responses, and provide deeper analysis of heath and employment research that is crucial to supporting Scotland’s health and equality targets;
  • Gain direct access to young people for supporting the delivery or testing of mental health, sexual health services, via workshops for example to support city wide strategies;
  • Build relationships with young people whom are experiencing and living in poverty with the aim of developing collaborative programmes based on the needs of these young people and communities

Booking with the Collaborative Hub

Whether you are a young person, a youth worker, a youth organisation or an employer, the Collaborative Hub is your space to explore employment opportunities, engage with a connected and collaborative network and hear from young people when it matters. The Collaborative Hub can be booked by filling the booking form below:

We aim to get back to you within 5 working days so please be patient while we deal with your booking.

Collab Hub is not currently taking bookings due to COVID-19