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We have people volunteering their time to support our community football and dancing services, volunteer bus drivers for our kids to get camps, staff volunteering their time to support young people and our supporters volunteering their time to give a helping hand in events. Volunteering is at the core of what we do.

Our volunteer programme is for young people ages 14-24 who take part in our services and have shown an interest to be involved in a programme where they can make new friends, try you things and gain qualifications. Our Youth Empowerment Officer delivers our volunteer programme twice a year, usually taking place on Monday evenings and over 4 months each time.

If you would like to know more about the Volunteer programme or know a young person who may benefit from it, please get in touch with us at 07375 670032





Some of our volunteers at Easter Camp 2019



What does the Volunteer Programme include…

Young people attend weekly sessions, usually 6-8pm and take part in exciting workshops, talks, presentations and active sessions to gain qualifications and volunteer their time to develop, help others and realise their potential. In the past we have teamed up with Barclay’s life skills to deliver weekly workshops in managing money, how to tackle a job interview and how to be the best you. We have also teamed up with the fire brigade to learn what working for the fire service is like, using the fire pole and even taking a ride in the fire truck! Our volunteer programme is a stepping-stone for young people using our services to take part in a structured and active programme to learn, develop and gain confidence. Due to running a successful programme since 2013, we now have young people who have completed the programme and whom Achieve More Scotland ambassadors. As ambassadors, they learn how to lead on activities and promote Achieve More Scotland in their communities.