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This cross cultural learning experience is an invaluable life skill | Erasmus+

We work with local partners across Glasgow to support them to participate in Erasmus+ and send their young people on life changing exchanges. We also work with local partners to support youth workers to exchange best practice and bring their learning back to Glasgow communities. Our Everything Erasmus+ campaign today focuses on the impact of Erasmus+ on partners collaborating to benefit young people and communities in Scotland from supporting to tackle sectarianism to supporting community rehabilitation for youth offenders.

YOMO- Young Movers

Young movers who work across Glasgow are champions of peer led education, they support young people to be a part of the decision-making process and bring youth empowerment and human rights perspective to the achievement of social and economic objectives.

“Erasmus gives young people the opportunity to experience something they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do. There are opportunities to learn and gain valuable life skills that they will carry them through into adult life. The young people we involve in this programme are young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who do not have the same opportunities as other young people and therefore this would be their first time leaving the country that in itself is a massive learning and development opportunity that builds confidence, self esteem, promotes independence and resilience. 

As a youth worker it not only supports the above it give the opportunity to develop as a worker challenge oneself to support and encouragement young people within a different environment. 

If the program was to end for which ever reason it would be a great loss not only for the young people who would not be able to get such a quality and safe learning experience it would be a great loss for our country with the cross cultural learning not only to the young people we work with but with the exchange of young people to and from countries. This cross cultural learning experience is an invaluable life skill and one that should be taught more of and not less in any way.”

Yomo Development worker Pauline will be meeting our German partners in May to exchange best practice on peer led learning and then will be taking 6 young people from the North West of Glasgow to Germany for 2 weeks with 20 other young people from across Europe to volunteer and gain skills in communication, teamwork and leadership.

Scottish Women in Sport

Scottish Women in Sport aims to ensure that females of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life are participating in sport or physical activity within a positive, equitable culture where other achievements are promoted and celebrated. They are currently working with us to become a registered organisation in Erasmus+ after learning about the extend Erasmus+ can support their work and educate, celebrate and increase participation of girls and young women entering sport.

Erasmus+ is going to open doors for us in our aim to create inclusive sporting environments in Scotland. We work closely with partners and public figures to achieve this, however Erasmus+ is going to allow us to work with universities in Scotland and Europe to bring young people, public figures and researchers together to shape policy in Scotland and Europe within the theme of sport and education to create a Scotland where there is gender equality in all areas of sport.

Achieve More Scotland are supporting us to begin our journey with Erasmus+, to make an impact to the lives and communities of young people in Glasgow and beyond. If we can no longer access this programme or it diminishes to a large degree then we fear that Scotland could struggle to keep up innovation in sport, education and community development. All are equally important to binding society and creating a fairer one.”

Maureen McGonigle CEO

Scottish Women in Sport are applying for a Key Action 3, policy dialogue application to bring 2 universities, public figures in Sport and young people together in Scotland for a range of workshops and a 2020 conference to discuss inclusive sport with the aim of changing policy in Scotland for girls and young women accessing and participating in sport.