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Celebrating Years of Accessibility Excellence: A Journey Towards Inclusivity on Social Media

We are absolutely delighted to share the remarkable strides Achieve More Scotland has taken in promoting inclusivity and accessibility across our social media platforms. It has been a journey that spans several years, during which we have steadfastly believed in providing equal access to information and opportunities for all. Today, we take great pride in highlighting the robust accessibility practices we implemented long ago, making our digital spaces truly inclusive for everyone. 💪✨

At Achieve More Scotland, we have always recognised the significance of granting individuals with disabilities full engagement and a seamless online experience. Embracing the essence of accessibility in the digital realm has been a cornerstone of our approach. To that end, we have implemented a range of essential measures:

1️⃣ Detailed Image Descriptions: We have consistently crafted comprehensive image descriptions, allowing those with visual impairments to fully understand and appreciate the visuals we share.

2️⃣ Alt Text: Alt text has been our steadfast ally in ensuring accessibility for images and graphics. By adding concise and informative alternative text, we empower screen readers to effectively convey the content to visually impaired individuals, ensuring that no one is excluded from the impact of our visuals.

3️⃣ Captions and Transcripts: Our firm belief in the power of words and the need for inclusivity has driven us to provide accurate captions and transcripts for our video content. This commitment guarantees an inclusive experience for individuals with hearing impairments or language barriers, ensuring that our message reaches all.

4️⃣ Colour Contrast: We understand that accessibility begins with design. By diligently attending to colour contrast ratios, we ensure that individuals with visual impairments can comfortably read our content. Our goal is to ensure that no one needs to strain their eyes to access valuable information and engage with our platforms.

These efforts have allowed us to foster a digital environment where everyone feels welcome and included. However, our commitment to accessibility remains unwavering. We constantly seek opportunities to enhance and expand our accessibility initiatives because we recognise that progress is an ongoing journey. 📈

Join us in celebrating the years of accessibility excellence achieved by Achieve More Scotland. Together, let’s continue championing inclusivity on social media platforms and beyond, making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals from all walks of life. 💙🌍