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Our work to champion Erasmus+

Well what a campaign it was, thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our daily case studies from young people, youth workers and local partners who have all benefited from Erasmus+ via our social media and thank you to those who caught our national coverage on the Nine News last Monday (we will showing this again next week, if you missed it). 

The last two weeks seen our message that no access to Erasmus+ will have a long term negative impact on communities and young people living in areas of deprivation. Erasmus+ has supported young people living in deprivation to see the world, become trained, educated and better versions of themselves to pursue better life choices including employment, college and even starting social enterprises!

We will be continuing our work to champion Erasmus+ in the future by doing the following:

  • Creating formal agreements with our European partners in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Bulgaria to ensure our project work in sharing best practice in youth work and youth mobility continues beyond 2019
  • Building new relationships with new European partners by engaging in British Council events, SALTO youth trainings and taking part in research projects
  • Supporting our local partners to make new partnerships within Erasmus+ in 2019 to support Scotland’s work in Eramsus+
  • Continue to support young people from Achieve More Scotland to become Erasmus+ ambassadors whom will campaign for Erasmus+ to continue after Brexit and during negotiations
  • Continue to meet with key stakeholders, including politicians to highlight the benefits of Erasmus+ and the consideration of adapting a ‘Scottish alternative’ to Erasmus+
  • Continue our 3 year strategic projects to exchange young people and youth workers across Europe;

Finally, if you want to know more about Erasmus+ please follow the link  https://www.erasmusplus.org.uk/ 


Carla Fyfe

Head of Development