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I won a Diana Award!


When I was told that I had been nominated for the Diana award I didn’t know how to feel because I had never heard of it up until I got the phone call to say that I had been nominated.

Once I realised how big being nominated for this award is that’s when I know it was a privilege to be involved in this award. I found out that I had one the award I was over in Malawi I didn’t know what to think, it was surreal that someone like me could ever have had the opportunity to be nominated / win this award. If I wasn’t apart of Achieve More Scotland this would never had happened because the people within Achieve More Scotland believe me to be an inspirational young role model to the  younger generation of children who use the services put out by the charity.  At this moment in time I feel shocked and overwhelmed about it all because this has got to be my biggest achievement to date. I

couldn’t thank the people at Achieve More Scotland who nominated me enough for this opportunity and to be able to have them with me when I collect my award will be the best ending to this amazing journey. The feeling of achieving something so big at such a young age kind of unreal in my eyes especially because things like this don’t happened to people who come from a background like mines, where I live its unheard of in a sense. This sort of thing would usually only happen to someone who comes from an affluent area, this happening to me removes the normal stigma for me. It just shows that by being 100 percent committed to something that you have a passion for can take you to new heights.