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You should love your body no matter how it looks #BeBodyPositive

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week we have decided to share some of our young people´s opinion on Body Positivity. Today we interview Esther.

  • Why body image affects so many young woman/girls ?

When young girls hit puberty they want to make boys like them, but the boys like all the celebrities that have undergone plastic surgery or their favourite influencer has a body they would like.

  • Opinion on body image is so predominant nowadays for young people?  

It’s prominent because you see it everywhere, most magazine models are not of different sizes or shapes they are usually all the same and if that is what young girls are seeing constantly it will become an issue on body confidence for some.

  • Why do girls feel so drawn in and under pressure about how they look?

Young girls are drawn in because of influencers & celebrities because these are the people that they are looking up to. They see these types of people living their “best lives” with their “perfect bodies”and young girls see that and then they begin to want that for themselves so they feel under pressure to look like that so that they can be like them but that isn’t reality.

  • How can we make it less predominant ?

It’s hard to make it less prominent as you can’t remove these people off social media but you can reiterate the idea that body image  is not the end all and be all ,that you should love your body no matter how it looks.


If you are struggling with your body image and it’s affecting your mental health, please contact us. We can support you and find people who will help you to overcome those struggles.